Saturday Looks Good To Me – When You Got To New York tab

I love Saturday Looks Good To Me. Someone more talented than me should try to
figure out some more of their songs. Anyway, I hope this is accurate enough for
you to play along. Have fun!

         G          D             G           D
When you got to New York you were sleeping on floors
             G   D       A
But you were sure it was better
    G             D
And you would get hungry
    G           D             G    D      A
You didn't have money but you drank every night
            G           D
Between the subways and sunshine
      G           D           G    D       A
There just wasn't the time to write any letters
           G           D
But it was out of your hands
               G             D
You hoped your friends would understand
          G       D            A
You never felt so high in your life
               Bm      D               Bm        D
But now you're out of breath from your cheap cigarettes
        Bm            D       A
And the wrong side of Seven A.M.
    Bm        D              Bm        D
You can't sit still but you eventually will
      Bm          D           A
Cause every night comes to an end

   G         D           G           D
So draw up a list of new things to resist
        G          D           A
And the people you kissed last year
G           D           G          D             G          D A
Then on the back draw a map to the ones that are still there
Bm      D            Bm         D
Not one part of your skyscraper heart
    Bm         D            A
Can figure out which is for real
    Bm         D                 Bm         D
You can't come clean when you're stuck in between
      Bm            D          A
These ways that you constantly feel

A              G        D
So what do you tell yourself?
            G        D                            A
What do you tell the strangers that sleep in your room?
A               G         D
Oh, what do you tell your friends?
            G        D                        A
What do you tell the lovers that left you too soon?
Where did they run off to?

G         D           G       D
Give me a reason that I can believe in
    G        D        A
And I will believe in you
G         D          G          D
Tell me a reason why I should believe
        G       D  A
Cause I want to, I want to
G         D        G         D
Tell me a story or tell me a secret
         G          D       A
It don't have to be nothing new
     G          D           G                D
Just hold on to me while we walk through the leaves
       G       D       A
If you want to, if you want to

Cause I want to know
            G        D
What do you tell yourself?
            G        D                           A
What do you tell the darkness that stays in your room?
A               G      D
Oh, what do you see at night
            G                         D                     A
When all of last year's lights are no longer of interest to you?
                 G        D
What do you hold on to?
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