Saturday Night Live - Christmas Coming To The Usa chords

Christmas Coming to the USA
Saturday Night Live
Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan

Tabbed By: EastDallas

This really sounds best when performed with two guitars or keyboard and guitar.

1...2     1...2...3...4

Intro/Bridgee--5-5-5--3--3--0--0-3--3--5-5-5--3--3--0----3----| X2B-------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1
EI don't care what your momma says
AChristmas time is near
EI don't care what your daddy says
AChristmas time is dear
B7 AAll I know is Santa's sleigh is making it's way to the USA
Bridge Verse 2
EI don't care what the newsman says
AChristmas is full of cheer
EI don't care if you think it's a lie
AChristmas will soon be here
B7 AI don't care about anything except hearing them sleighbells ring-a-ding-ding
EI wish it was Christmas today
EI wish it was Christmas today
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