Satyricon - The Sign Of The Trident tab

TAB by skyturnedred
Band: Satyricon
Song: The Sign of the Trident
Album: Age of Nero (2008)

Tuning 1 step down, DGCFAD

. = palm mute
h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
\ = slide down
/ = slide up


D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------| Listen to songF|--------------------------------------| for rhythmC|--------------------------------------|G|---7---7h8-7----7---8h10-8----8---7---| x4D|-0----0-------0----0--------0---0-----| . . . . . .
D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------| Something like this...F|---9---8-------8------7---------------| C|-----9-----------8-----------5---5----| Mostly let it ring,G|-7-----------6-----6-----------7------| listen to song.D|--------------------------------------|
D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------| Small change toF|--------------------------------------| the end of the riffC|--------------------------------------|G|---7---7h8-7----7---8h10-8----8-7--7--| x4D|-0----0-------0----0--------0----0----| . . . . . .
D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------| This is also the verse riff...F|---9---8-------8------7---------------|C|-----9-----------8-----------5---5----|G|-7-----------6-----6-----------7------|D|--------------------------------------|
That's all I have for now, might finish this later if I get around to it... You can email corrections, suggestions etc to
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