Sausage - Riddles Are Abound Tonight tab

Riddles Are Abound Tonight
Guitarist: Todd Huth

Note: Spaces do not indicate note value

q=quarter note
s=sixteenth note
e=eighth note

Sorry, the note values are a bit confusing, but they're right. Just listen to the
song for rhythm otherwise. A note value above with no note tabbed out under it is a rest.

x=muted note

No guitar during intro, just bass and drums

Chorus riff (Amount of times played varies) Sometimes stops for "Huh Ho Ya"

q q q q q s s ss e e qe|-------------------------|B|--14--13-----------------|G|------12-----------------|D|3/11------------11----10/|A|----------10h12x--9-9----|E|-------------------------|
Verse (Rhythm varies, pretty minimal guitar part.
q q q q q q q qe|----------------|B|----------------|G|----0-----------|D|--------4-------|A|----------------|E|----------------|
Basically alternate between these two riffs, listen to song for progression and structure. I didn't take the time to tab out the solo, but it's in the key of G and it seems to basically use the blues scale and lots of bends, maybe some tritones and other wierd harmonies.
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