Savage Garden - Two Beds And A Coffee Machine tab

Capo on 2nd.

G     (320033)
Em    (022033)
D     (x00232)
Cadd9 (x32033)

G Em7 D G Em7 D Cadd9 D Em7 D

And she takes another step
Em7        D         Cadd9
Slowly she opens the door
Em7               D 
Check that he is sleeping
        G                        Em7        D      Cadd9
Pick up all the broken glass and furniture on the floor
        Em7             D
Been up half the night screaming 
Now it's time to get away
Em7         D           Cadd9
Pack up the kids in the car
Another bruise to try and hide
Another alibi to write

G                        Em7
Another ditch in the road
You keep moving
G                Em7
Another stop sign
         D        Cadd9
You keep moving on
             D           Cadd9
And the years go by so fast
       Em7          D           G
Wonder how I ever made it through

- Ben_05
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