Savatage - Tonight He Grins Again tab

Band: Savatage
Song: Strange Reality
Album: Streets: A Rock Opera
Tuning: Standard

One Of The Best Track From Streets I Figured Just The Intro By Ear Since There Wasent A
You On Here Your On Ur Own With The Rest Any questions Or Comments Email Me At
And If You Ever Come Across The Tablature Book For Streets To Download ON The Net Please
Me The Link...But Criss Is One Hell Of A Player And I Think This Is One Of His Best
Out Of Many He Shall R.I.P Also If You Figure Out The Rest Of The Song Or Cover It And 
It On The Tube LET ME Know Thanks! Keep Rockin Dudes!!May 80's Metal Come Back ALIVE!!! \m/
One More Thing If You Have A Youtube Account Add ME Motleycrue24

H- Hammer On
P.M- Palm Mute
B - Bend Note

Play Four Times H Drums Kick InE|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------|D|--7-7----7-7-8-------8----8-8--7---7-7-8----8-8---8-------|A|--5-5----5-5-5-------5----5-5--5---5-5-5----7-7---7-------|E|-----------------0-0-------------0--------------0---------| |---| |--| |----------|
P.M P.M P.M Play Five Times Am i Losing My WayE|--------------------------------|B|----------------------10--------|G|---9--------9---------9---------|D|---9--------9---------9---------|A|---7--------7-------------------|E|------0-0-0-----0-0-0-----------|
Ah That Could Be Me Play x2 Count With Whats BelowE|--------------------------------|-----------------------------|B|--------------------------------|-----------------------------|G|---7----9---7-------7----9---7--|------------------9----7-----|D|---7----9---7-------7----9---7--|------------------9----7-----|A|---5----7---5-------5----7---5--|---5---7B--5--7B--7----5-----|E|---------------0-0--------------|-----------------------------|
Well thats Basically All I Figured Out But Must Of These RIffs Repeat Themselves Alot The Song So Go Rock Out \m/
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