Saves The Day – Monkey tab

I screwed up on the last one I realized so now I must correct it. Once again,
it's the Monkey solo from the new Saves the Day CD In Reverie. No one else would
tab it so I figured it out myself and I thought I'd share the wealth. So, you can
ignore the last one even though someone gave it 4 stars.

Saves the Day-Monkey (Solo)

"Just fall out and get in line.... Like All the Good Soldiers do-oooooo......" leads into.....

Part 1 (Heavy Distortion)

Part 2e----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G------------------------------------4/7-9/11*-D----------------------------------------------A-2--4--2--4-2-0---2--4-2-4-2-0----------------E-----------------1----------------------------
*=let ring /=slide up
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