Saves The Day – Radio Acoustic tab


Chords used
Am x02210
C x32010
Cmaj7/B x2201x
F 13321
Fmaj7 xx3210

during the intro/verse they do a rhythm/lead thing that kinda goes like this...

so on the b string use your index finger for 1 and your pinky for 3 and with the C chord do this..
again with the b string use your index finger on 1 and pull it off for 0 Intro Am Fmaj7 C Verse Am Hearing the words, As they’re leaving my mouth. Fmaj7 C Am I can’t believe myself. Trying to be, Fmaj7 C What you want me to be. I guess I can’t catch up. Pre Chorus Am Once in awhile, Making you smile Chorus Am Fmaj7 C We’re singing with the radio. Fmaj7 C Cmaj7/B You sing it with the radio. REPEAT ALL Am F C Am F C Am F C They’re singing… Woah-oh-oh… Woah-oh-oh…
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