Saves The Day - My Sweet Fracture tab

the guitars don't start until after he says "you can't remember the last five years"

guitar 1:repeat this until Guitar 2: repeat this until chorus choruse-----------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------------D-----7----7---7-------------2~---6~-7~---------------------A--00-4-00-5-0-4-------------0~4~-4~-5~---------------------E------------------------------2~---------------------------
I can't figure out the rythm to the chorus cuz' I can hardly hear but here is the lead part: THE RYTHM PART IS WHAT I THINK IT IS BUT IT'S MOST LIKELY NOT RIGHT. YOU'LL HAVE TO FIGURE OUT STRUMMING PATTERN ON YOUR OWN.
e------------------------- R -------------------------------B------------------------- Y -------------------------------G-7-6---7--7-6---6-------- T -------------------------------D-----7--------7---------- H -2-----7-----------------------A------------------------- M -0-2-4-5-----------------------E------------------------- ---0-2-------------------------
Alright this is the chords for the part where he keeps repeating "rather forget the days we spent tryin' to stay a floatin'": A5, F#5, E5, D5, C#6 (PALM -MUTED) THEY CHANGE UP THE STRUMMING ONCE OR TWICE AND SOMETIMES LEAVE OUT THE C#6. SONG ENDS ON AN A5. I HAVE THE BASS PART FOR THE INTRO TABBED OUT IN THE BASS TABS SECTION IF YOU WANT THEM. TABBED BY: STEPHEN BURN
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