Saves The Day – Daybreak Iv Zigzag chords

Saves The Day
Daybreak IV: Zig Zag
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F    133211
C    x32010
G    320003
Em   022000
E    022100 or E/G#   476xxx
Am   x02210

Intro: F  C Em  x2

Verse 1:
F G I turn around to say
F G how could you still love me
F GSun is shining lighting
F Gup your face
F G You stare off into space
F G not knowing what to say
F GSearching for the words to
F Eset things straight so I say
Chorus 1:
Am GI'm a Zig Zag sideways
F Eupside down out of my mind
Am GWhat's the point of living
Fif were all just
Eborn to die
Am G FYou say why?
EWhy ask why?
Guitar Solo: F G x4 Verse 2:
F G I say "I get fucked up"
F G You say "delusional"
FSomehow will you
G F Estill open arms
Chorus 2:
Am G"Come with me" you say
F EWe step outside to face the sun
Am GYesterday I dream that it
F Ewould all bend out to dust
Outro: Am G F E
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