Saves The Day - Daybreak Iii 8am chords

Saves The Day
Daybreak III: 8am
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F    133211
G    320003
Am   x02210
E    022100

Intro: F  G   x2

Verse 1:
F GNow it's eight in the morning
F Gup all night just walking around
FI'm hiding out here
Gunder the window
Fby the sink where we used
Gto laugh all day long
Interlude: F G x2 Verse 2:
F (hold) GI wait till I see you walking
Ffrom the bedroom down
Gto the kitchen
FFingering your hand into
Gcurls while talking
Fon the phone resting
Gon your collarbone
Chorus 1:
Am G F Here I come again
E Amhead is hanging low
G FYou put down the phone
Amtake me in our arms
G FAnd I'm all alone
G Fwith you my love
GAnd did you hear me coming?
Guitar Solo: F G x2 Verse 3:
F GRunning over the words
FI said last night
GWhile wishing I never
E Fsaw your eyes
Gswell up with tears
Amdripping down your thighs
GI can't let it go
I'm lost inside Chorus 2:
Am G F I can get so low
ESeems like there's no
Am G Fup and I'm all alone
AmSo take me in your arms
G Am G F knowing I'm the one
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