Saves The Day – This Is Not An Exit tab

Saves The Day
This Is Not The Exit
Stay Who you Are
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Am -  x02210
C -   x32010
F -   133211
G -   320003
Em -  022000
G/B - x2x003

@ means C-D-E plucke|-------B|-------G|-------D|---0-2-A|-3-----E|-------
Verse 1: @ F Am Tonight will be @ F Am the night that we @ F Am begin to ease @ G F the plugs out of the dam @ F Am And we will stand @ F Am knee deep in the flow @ F Am the undertow @ G F will grab our heels and won't let go @ F Am And while we hold @ F Am our legs quivering @ F Am the water rises now @ G F to our teeth when we just let go Chorus: C G/B Am and sail belly up to the clouds F the rocks scraping our backs G To breath in the air will be G(hold) @ F the only thing that we have Verse 2: Am @ F @ and all the wasted nights @ F Am and empty moments in our lives @ G F flushed away as we sway with the rhythm @ F Am of the waves @ F Am bobbing us up @ F Am @ Crests fall to troughs we feel G F our gills open up (Repeat Chorus 1 except last line) G Am the only thing that we have Bridge: Em F and if the hook sets in G Am the bottom of our lungs, Em we'll rip it out and F G F(hold) lick the blood off with our tongues Interlude: F--Am @ F Am Verse 3: The despair @ F Am can ravage you @ F Am @ G if you turn your head around F to look down the path @ F Am that's led you here @ F Am cause what can you change? @ F Am You're a vessel now @ G F floating down the waterways @ F Am You can take your rudder @ F Am and aim your ship @ F Am @ just don't bother with G F the things left in your wake (Repeat Chorus 1 except last line) G C the only thing that we have Chorus 2: G/B Am and your love will be warm nights F with pockets of moonlight G spotlighting you as you drift C the actor in this play Chorus 3: G/B Am And you walk across the stage F take a bow, hear the applause G and as the curtain falls C just know you did it all Chorus 4: G/B Am the best that you knew how F and you can hear them cheering now G So let a smile out and show your teeth C(hold)-Am(hold)-F(hold) cause you know you lived it well
Outro: G(hold)-C(hold)e|---------0---0-B|-3-3-3-3---3-1-G|-0-----------0-D|-0-----------2-A|-2-----------3-E|-3-------------
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