Saves The Day – Three Miles Down tab

Band: Saves The Day
Song: Three Miles Down
Tune: EADGBe
Athr: tectactoe

Chords Used:

C G Em F Ame|---0---3-------0---5---|B|---1---3---0---1---5---|G|---0---0---0---2---5---|D|---2---0---2---3---7---|A|---3---2---2-------7---|E|-------3---0-------5---|
C G Em F C Oh great, here I go again I'm stuck in this rut G Em F not sure how to begin. Oh, should I tell you everything? C G Em F C G F Oh, I'm feeling out of luck, so I won't see you soon C G Em F C G Em because I know it's too soon for you to see me
C G Em If this is the last thing you do, just tell me that F C G Em it's okay for me to have these feelings for you and F it's normal to want to call you. C G Em F C G F Oh, I'm dialing the phone, I'm letting it ring for hours C G Em F C G F pretending to hear your voice, why does my heart G C G Em always beat before yours does? After a while you can
e|--------0-----|B|--1---1---1---| G|--0-----------| x4D|--2-----------|A|--2-----------|E|--0-----------|
Em F G C G Am make yourself believe in almost a - ny - thing F G C I'm making myself believe in you.
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