Saves The Day – In My Waking Life tab

I did this in chords, but you just pick the chords around.

Em 022030
G/F# 200233
G 300230
G 300200
C9 032010
Am 002210
B7 021202

   Em               G/F# G  G1
Im never in my waking life 
   C                 Am  Em
dreaming is my all the time  
   C                B7
wheather its the weather 
    Em         Am         D7
or my mind its all too much 
  Em               G/F# G  G1
callin' in the fridged wind 
     C             Am     Em
a whisper is my dearest friend 
    C            B7      Em     Am       D7
leading me along a lilly laden twisting trail 

 Em       G
Where we go 
  Am                C  D7
we'll tomorrow know 
 Em       G            Am             C D7
into the vast and empty alley's we procede
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