Saves The Day - Im Sorry Im Leaving tab

Song Name: I'm sorry,I'm Leaving
Band: Saves the Day
Tabbed by: Brian LaRocco

pretty sure that this is correct

you could play it in arrpegios like it is on the cd, or you can juist strum the chords, 
way it sounds good.

intro is just C being strummed

C            G                      F
Your middle finger was clutching my thumb

through the park and over macdougal.

                 G                 F
The torches were blazing about our street and just down from the sky.

C                  G            F
Casey stepped with Anna off the curb.

                     C       G            F
His shoes are clogs, did you see, did you see?

Em                  G     C
They dipped in that puddle, the one catching green.

Em                 G      C
They were tripping up and slipping around, singing "Rosie"

and oh oh oh

I wanted to pull you down.

roll on top of me, baby. just

C              G
roll, roll, roll

we'll wreck our clothes.

we'll scrape our knees.

we'll taste the scabs.

G               C                     G              F
you, sweet, are worth these next four months until I bail out and

kiss behind your ears,

drive off in the van.

Em                     F
oh my god, I think I'm dying in this car seat,

           C                   F (play some arrpegios)
where I'll spend through winter.

("Why can't you")

I don't know if I can go

("Why can't you")

I don't know, not thorugh with you

("Why can't you")

I don't know if I can go.

("Why can't you")

F                                    C
I don't know, I'm not through with you.
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