Saving Abel – Drowning Face Down tab

			 Drowning (Face Down) by Saving Abel



e|----0h2----------------------------|B|---3----3----3------3---3-----3----|G|--2----2-2----2-2--0-0--0----0-----|D|0---------0----0--0---0-0—0h2------| 2xA|-----------------3------3----------|E|-----------3-----------------------|
(Verse 1) D C G D C G Times before I walked through the valley below the sun D C G D C G I've wandered endlessly and waited for my time to come (Pre-chorus) Bflat F C G I think I'm drowning Can someone lend a hand? Bflat F C G Can someone save me? Cause I don't think I can (Chorus) D C G I've gone too far to turn around (power chords) D C B F G It's hard to reach for you When I'm lying face down D C G D I can't relieve my soul I'm lost, I’m lost in a moment (power chords) C B F G Lying… face down (Verse 2) D C G D C G Returning home I find myself Wishing I was already gone D C G D C G But how long does it take to find me Well I'm waiting for someone (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (Pre-Solo) D C G (Solo) Same chord progression as the chorus (Chorus) 2x
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