Savoy – Reasons To Stay Indoors tab

reasons to stay indoors 

intro (A  G  F#M  D)  X 2

A              G             F#M            D 

 You'll get accepted into yale But they'll excuse you when you fail

A              G             F#M            D  
  You'll get a scholarship to brown But that color brings you down  

A              G             F#M            D 
  You'll go to colgate for a year In the fresh air up there

A                 G           F#M           D            E   Bm
 You'll grow a habit hard to please From a semester overseas
      A                D                 E  Bm    
You're really not quite well You know that

A           D
And everyone can tell You know the

A                D               C#m   D
reasons to stay indoors You don't need anymore

       A            D          C#m  
you remind me of the man I once was

         D             A  D  D  A  D
And some say I still am

A       G
You'll land a job right........continue the same 

beautiful song of a great musician.
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