Saw Doctors – You Got Me On The Run tab

Saw Doctors - You Got Me On The Run


D/F# A/Ee--------------2--|-------------0--|B--------------3--|-------------2--|G--------------2--|-------------2--|D--------------0--|-------------2--| x 2A--4-4-4-2-0---x--|-4-4-4-2-0---0--|E------------2-2--|-----------0-0--|
A/E You don't have to look You know that i will first Istood beside you in the chip Iwas dyin with the thirst D/F# And maybe I'd step forward If the worst came To the worst and say that CHORUS: A/E You got me on the run All I want in the whole D/F# wide world is for us to have some fun A/E You got me on the run FILL:
A/E I bet you don't remember The first time that we met It was summer '88 Did you think that I'd forget D/F# You were walking In the August rain With your hair all getting wet CHORUS FILL Bm I would'nt ask you A/E To lie or to steal Bm To worship or serve me A/E To crawl or to kneel Bm I'd just love to hold you A/E Like I do in my dreams Bm A/E I'd just ask you to be Bm My girl CHORUS REPEAT LAST LINE TO FADE
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