Saw Doctors – Wake Up Sleeping tab

Saw Doctors - Wake Up Sleeping


D G I've got loads and loads of patience D C And I'm just as proud as you D C If it goes until I'm dead and gone C D I won't come running on after you D G But if you enjoy remembering D C When you were my best friend D C I'd eally love to wake up sleeping C G D In your arms again Repeat 1st two bars of intro (same chords) There was kids outside the window On their first day back at school The morning after our first night Me and you alone On the second of September I knew I'd found a friend I'd really love to wake up sleeping In your arms again (solo - Below) (Same Chords) I've never been this lonely And there's nowhere I can turn But there must be strength in lonliness And lessons to be learnt You broke my heart in smithereens I swear it will not mend I'd really love to wake up sleeping In your arms again Solo:
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