Saw Doctors - Broke My Heart tab

Saw Doctors - Broke My Heart

B    E

e-------------0-0-|B-------------0-0-|G-------------1-1-| X 3D-------------2-2-|A-4-5-4-2-4---2-2-|E-------------0-0-|
VERSE 1 A E A Roscommon CBS 1981 E A dreary afternoon A We travelled down from Tuam E I saw that open goal A I can see it still E Fifty-fifty ball A You nearly got me killed CHORUS: > > E E (HIT THESE CHORDS HARD) > > A E E E You broke my heart A E E E Tore it apart A E E E We lost that spark A E E E When you broke my heart VERSE 2 (SAME CHORDS) We might have won the game But I just did'nt care You went and let it go Just like I was'nt there I saw you commin' in I was'nt marked at all I had it in the net If you had passed the ball chorus MID 8: D I was standing on the edge A Of the parallelogram E Roarin' me head off A Pass it in sham D Play it in low A Don't hesitate or stall D Will you open your eyes D For Christ' sake E Pass me the ball chorus VERSE 3 (SAME CHORDS) Their full-back was big But I was small and fast I had him left for dead If I had got that pass A girl can foul you up Tear your life apart There's more than just one way To break a young mans heart CHORUS OUTRO:INTRO X 4 THEN > > > E E A
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