Saw Doctors – Yvonne tab

Saw Doctors - Yvonne 


A       A/F#
Y. V.   O. N. N. E.
F       E

VERSE 1: A Light brown hair D A D Down around her shoulders A Yellow vest D Summer dress A D And a smile A D Someone said they thought A D that she looked older A But she's seventeen D And I wish that A She was mine Bm You want to see the way E She looked at me CHORUS:AS INTRO Strangers come and go Through Salthill summers Each year see's new faces In the sunshine But mercy girl Yvonne She was my favourite She's seventeen And I wish that She was mine You want to see the way She looked at me cHORDS: A =X02220 A/F#=2X2220 F =133211 E =022100 D =XX0232 Bm =X24432
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