Saw Doctors – Sugartown tab

Saw Doctors - Sugartown

Intro: F       Bb        x2

Verse 1:
F                 Bb
This used to be a sugar town
    Bb                  F
The beet was drawn from all around
     F                  Bb
They came and put their money down
     Bb           F   
This used to be a sugar town
     F            Bb
This used to be a thriving place
Bb              F
Full time work, semi-state
F                   Bb
Trucks and tractors coming late
Bb            F
Wagons at the railway gates

        Bb   C    F
But the kids have dreams
Bb    C   F
Brand new dreams
        Bb    C         F
They're in control of a bright
New future
    Bb   C    F
The kids have dreams
       Bb   C    F
Oh the kids have dreams

Verse 2 (same)
This used to help to keep me sane
Walking down there in the rain
In the darkness of a beet campaign
This used to help keep me sane
This used to put my mind at ease
Sweet Molasses In the breeze
They closed the plant down by degrees
This used to keep my mind at ease


C        Bb
   Sugar town , 
 hanging around

Verse 3 (same)
I see them in the morning going
Out to school
Laughing and joking , playing the Fool
They've never known what it's like
To be down
Living in a sugar town

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