Saw Doctors - N17 chords


E|-----3---5---6---7---7--------------|---5---7---7--------------|B|--------------------------3---5---5-|----------------3---5---5-|G|---4---5---6---7---7----4---5---5---|-5---7---7----4---5---5---|D|------------------------------------|--------------------------|A|------------------------------------|--------------------------|E|------------------------------------|--------------------------| <-------(repeat x3)-------->
Main riff:
Chords: -Intro-
G CWell I didn't see much future
G CWhen I left the Christian brothers school
G CSo I waved it goodbye with a wistful smile
G CAnd I left the girls of Tuam
G CAnd sometimes when I'm reminiscing
G CI see the prefabs and my old friends
G CAnd I know that they'll be changed or gone
G CBy the time I get home again
G C DAnd I wish I was on that N 17
DStone walls and the grasses green
G C DYes I wish I was on that N 17
DStone walls and the grasses green
F C GTravelling with just my thoughts and dreams
-shortened intro-
G CWell the old fella left me to Shannon
G CWas the last time I travelled that road
G Cand as we turned left at Claregalway
G CI could feel a lump in my throat
G CAs I pictured the thousands of times
G CThat I'd travelled that well worn track
G CAnd I know that things will be different
G CIf I ever decide to go back
-Chorus- Solo:
G CNow as I tumble down highways
G COr filthy overcrowded trains
G CThere's no one to talk to in transit
G CSo I sit there and daydream in vain
G CAnd behind all these muddled up problems
G COf living on a foreign soil
G CI can still see the twists and turns in the road
G CFrom the square to the town of the tribes
-Chorus- -Intro- -Main riff til the end-
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