Saw Doctors – Share The Darkness tab

The Saw Doctors - Share the darkness
standard tuning, capo 4.
Saw this on '' and decided to improve it.

        --|-|-|-|-|-|-|       {Numbers as if without capo
  (Csus9)=|x|2|0|0|3|3|        ie. 2 will really be 6 etc.}

Verse 1:
      Csus9            G/A
Hey I can't say that I love you, 
  Gsus4/C          G5
I can't say that I don't,
  Csus9            G/A
I can't say that I couldn't,
And I won't say that I won't,
      Csus9            G/A
But I really like your company,
     Gsus4/C           G5 
I'm enjoyin' meself no end, 
    Csus9             G/A 
But I can't keep from thinkin'...

Csus9        G/A 
Why don't we share,
    Gsus4/C    G5 
The darkness tonight?
Csus9   G/A 
Make it warm,
And burning bright,
Csus9          G/A 
I'm not sayin' nothin',
     Gsus4/C      G5 
I'll be         polite,
Csus9        G/A 
Why don't we share,
The darkness,


Bridge(x2){numbers as if without capo}:|-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||-----------------|----------------|----------77----|----------------||5h7s9-9-9-5-7-9-5|-10-10-9-7-7-9-5|-5h7s9-9-9---77-|-10-10-9--7-6---||-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
Played in unison with female vocals (in Gaelic:) Tâ an dorcheadas ag teacht anuas, Tar abhaile liom, a ghrâ, (Translates: Darkness is falling, come home, with me, a ghrâ) Verse 2: (same chords) Life's too short for wastin', For 'ifs' and 'might have beens,' Life's too short for wonderin', If you could have lived your dreams, And it's way too short for lonliness, And we don't have to be, Now that we trust each other, Why don't you stay with me? Chorus Bridge x2 Verse 3: Csus9 G/A When the world belongs to distant dogs, Gsus4/C G5 And the air is dark and still, Csus9 G/A And drunken conversations, Gsus4/C G5 Pass beneath the window sill, Csus9 G/A And there's someone singin' Elvis songs, Gsus4/C G5 As you make your way back home, Csus9 G/A All your fears and worries, Gsus4/C G5 Attack when you're alone G5 Csus9 G/A G5 When you're alo - o - o- one, G5 Csus9 G/A G5 When you're alo - o - o- one, G5 Csus9 G/A G5 When you're alo - o - o- one, Chorus Bridge x2 Ending: Csus9 G/a Why don't we share, Gsus4/C The darkness... Gsus4/C Csus9 G/A Gsus4/C G5 Toooooooonight~~~~~~~~~~ Keep strumming chords in that progression till fade.
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