Saw Doctors - The Green And Red Of Mayo tab

The Saw Doctors - The Green & Red of Mayo
Chords (accoustic only)
(Standard tuning)
C=x35553 (this sounds better than x32010)
N.C.=No Chord

Strum pattern (accoustic)
(\=downstroke /=upstroke)

\ \/\ \/\ \/\/ \/
1   2   3   4    

Verse 1:
Oh the green and red of mayo, 
I can see it still,
It's soft and craggy boglands,
It's tall magestic hills,
Where the ocean kisses Ireland, 
The waves caress it's shore
The feelin' it came over me, 
To stay for ever more, 
For ever more,

C |G |C | 1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 | (electric fill 1, lots of echo:)e|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------|B|---------------7-9--|9p7-----------------|-------------------|G|--------------------|---------------8----|9~~~~~~~~~~~~~-----|D|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------|A|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------|E|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------|
Verse 2: G From it's rolling costal waters C I can see Croagh Patrick's peak, G where one sunday every summer, C the pilgrims climb the reek G where St. Patrick in it's solitude, C looks out across Clew bay, G and with the ringin' of his bell C Called the faithful there to pray, G there to pray,
(fill 2:) G pray 1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 |e|7~~~~~~~~~~~~-9-7--|--------------------|B|-------------------|8-6-----------------|G|-------------------|---9----------------|D|-------------------|--------------------|A|-------------------|--------------------|E|-------------------|--------------------|
(fill 1)
(fill 3:) 1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 |e|7~~~~-12----7---9~~|~~~~~~~-------------|B|-------------------|--------------------|G|-------------------|--------------------|D|-------------------|--------------------|A|-------------------|--------------------|E|-------------------|--------------------|
(fill 1) Verse 3: (Chords as verse 2) Take me to Clare island, The home of Granuaile, It's waters harbour fishes, From the herring to the whale, And now I must depart it, And reality is plain, May the time not pass so slowly, Till I set sail again, Set sail again, (fill 2) (fill 1) (fill 3) (fill 1) Verse 4: Lyrics as verse 1, Chords as verse 2. (fill 2) (fill 2) Held noton electric: fret 19 on the B string. acoustic fades out.
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