Saw Doctors – World Of Good tab

			     World Of Good -The Saw Doctors
Tabbed by:hazy_jane


Chords used:

Verse 1: B A A friend that you can trust in, C G Midsummer's burning sky, B A Understanding of a druid, C G And the innocence if a child, D A Memories of snowflakes, C G And of those who understood you, B A They're all gone now, C G I only wish for you the world of good, Verse 2: B A All your precious photrographs, C G And all your favourite dreams, B A When the years have gone behind you, C G The chance to be nineteen, D A Children in your likeness, C G Of the same inspiring blood, B A And a man who makes you happy, C D I only wish for you the world of good, Chorus: F#5 The sky at night and, D The open sea, E A clear refreshing, C D Mountain stream, F#5 D Tír na n'og and Robin Hood, E I wish for you the, D World of good, Verse 3:(chords as verse 2) And a box of síóg hand-me-downs, That follows you around, The winding road that leads you to, Another stronghold town, And I know you'd take me with you, If you really thought you should, But if you up and go alone, I wish for you the world of good, Chorus, then:
World of good!e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|----3--55-33-----3--55-33--3s5-7--88-55-5---78787-55-33|G|2s4----------2s4---------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 4:(Not on single version) B A Through the screaming of your childhood, C G In a land that's been torn apart, B A The chilling cold of violent deeds, C G Somehow strengthens your warm heart, D A Your gentle firm and peaceful ways, C G Have long since well withstood, B A The darkness in this country, C D I only wish for you the world of good, Chorus Ending:(Chords as chorus) Oh, I love you girl and i always will, You know you're part of my life still, Though times have changed, It's understood, I wish for you the world of good,
World of good! e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|----3--55-33-----3--55-33--3s5-7--88-55-5---78787-55-33-|G|2s4----------2s4----------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
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