Saw Doctors - Sing A Powerful Song tab

The Saw Doctors - Sing a powerful song

Standard tuning

Intro: A G D G Ae--5-5-|----------5----------5-5-|--------5--------------|B------|--8-78--78--7------------|--8-78-----5-~~~~------|G------|--------------7~~~~~-----|-----------------------| X 2D------|-------------------------|-----------------------|A------|-------------------------|-----------------------|E------|-------------------------|-----------------------|
Verse 1: (A) D G When the troubles of a whole wide world D A come knocking on your door D G and there's problems of a different kind G A that you've never had before D G when you're playin' against a gale force wind D A and it changes at half time A G and you find your strength deserting you G A and an emptiness inside Chorus: G A D When there's people that will harm you D G D though you've done to them no wrong D G it's time to sing, it's time to sing G A sing a powerful song Repeat intro Verse 2: (same chords) When they want to ruin our province just to turn it into gold, when they think our greatest asset can be mined, dug up and sold, when the factories are all closing, like they are in our home town, and your friends are looking out for work that's nowhere to be found, Chorus 2: (same chords) When the spirits they need a-risin' to be happy, proud and strong, it's time to sing, it's time to sing, sing a powerful song, repeat intro then solo:
repeat chorus 2 repeat intro x4 ending:
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