Saw Doctors - Nevermind The Strangers Mandolin tab

never mind the strangers - saw doctors

Intro: Mandolin


Intro: Guitar

verse 1: G Em It takes two to get together C D It takes time to make it last G Em We'll all end up in some way C D Like the drink in last night's glass G Em But we'll take this chance together c D Lets not think about the end C G Never mind the strangers C D 'Cos I'll always be your friend G (Repeat intro) until the end following verses: same chords We've crossed the sea together We've had our ups and downs We've gone further than we've ever dreamed From our county Galway home If we're up on top tomorrow Or if it all just ends Never mind the strangers 'Cos I'll always be your friend until the end It has'nt all been easy But sure that's the way it is We've been shaken, rocked and rattled Taken jabs and body blows There's a strenght in being together Like a steel bar that won't bend Never mind the strangers 'Cos I'll always be your friend until the end Even now it's hard to think back When did it all begin Was it some night drinking in Gay Brownes pub Every soul is welcomed in On this fine summers evening As the blue of night descends Never mind the strangers 'Cos I'll always be your friend until the end We've seen the other side of life And no been too impressed It does'nt beat a day at home If you put it to the test But at least we took the challenge We did'nt just pretend Never mind the strangers 'Cos I'll always Always be your friend until the end repeat intro till fade CHORDS USED: MANDOLIN: G: 0023 Em:0223 C: 0230 D: 2002 Guitar: G: 320033 Em:022000 C: x32010 D: xx0232
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