Say Anything – Its A Metaphor Fool Acoustic tab

 someone else has the intro to this song and thats almost it but heres the whole thing. 
the way i did not steal this from anyone i dont want to be falsly acussed.


e----------------------------------| B----------------------------------| G------------------55555555----55--| D-5555555-xxxxxxxx-55555555-55-55-5| A-5555555-77777777-33333333-55-33-5| E-3333333-55555555----------33----3|
|--------------|replace the last 13powerchords with |-55-------55--|this the 2nd time trough. |-55-66-55-55-5| |-33-66-55-33-5| |----44-33----3|
e------------------| B------------------| G-----55-------55--| D-5-x-55-66-55-55-5| A-5-7-33-66-55-33-5| E-3-5----44-33----3|
the we told your mother part
e----| B----| G----|
D-5-x| A-5-7| E-3-5| SOLO e------------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------------| G-16-16-16-14-------------------14-16-16-16-14---------------16-16B| D------------17--14-17-14--14-17--------------17--14-17-14-17------| A--------------17--------17---------------------17-----------------| E------------------------------------------------------------------|
OUTRO e--------------------| B--------------------| G-------55-------55--| D-55-xx-55-66-55-55-5| A-55-77-33-66-55-33-5| E-33-55----44-33----3|
verse sixteen names on my list but none of them could ever get me hot like this i got your on my wrist your safe inside my wrist chorus all you are to me is dead skin flaking off my hands onto the pavment. all you are to me dead skin breaking up my band wont bring you pament. whoa oh oh loved like no other whoa oh oh we told your mother. verse 2 so heres the plan your givin in to every sick demand buying the band our own appartment your past flashing forward out to whip your ass into the adorned when you were born. solo then outro all you are to me is dead all you are to me is dead all you are to me is dead skin. all are to me is dead sixty bullets split your head all you are to me is dead skin.
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