Say Anything – Fed To Death tab ver. 2

These chords sound correct.
I’ve seen some post saying to tune down half a step, but here’s a way to play it without 

Here are the chord names (in order of occurrence)
C#add6 - C#sus2(added 5th) - F - F#
C#sus2 - C#sus2(added 5th) - G#5

F#5 - C#sus2(added 5th) - G#5

e|----444-----------------------------|B|----444------------------4444444444-|G|-6-6666---3333/111-6666668888888888-|D|-6-6666344---------6666666666666666-|A|-4-4444344---------4444446666666666-|E|-6-6444122-------------444444444444-| ^ break
For the rest of the song, when ever you play the first chords, replace the empty break an additional strum (the break is only meant for the beginning of the song) Here's what I play for the ending
There's a bunch of random stuff they do at the end of most of the bars in the verse as which I decided not to tab out.
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