Say Anything - Do Better tab version 4

                         DO BETTER (solo): Say Anything
Tabbed by: TheThirdDay

After tabbing this myself, I checked to see if there was a tab on UG already,
which there is, but it's not perfect. Close, but we could do better (GET
IT?!?!). I'm pretty sure this is 100%, maybe not playing everything in the
right location, but the right notes.

Eb (D#) tuning.


E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EEb|----------------------|-----12-------------|Bb|-10------10------10---|-9------9-10--------|Gb|----9-------9-------9-|---9---------9----9-|Db|------11------11------|---------------11---|Ab|----------------------|--------------------|Eb|----------------------|--------------------|
S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S SEb|-9p0-0-0-5p0----0-9p0-0-0-10p0-9p0-|Bb|-----------------------------------| *=You could play this, Gb|-------------6*--------------------| or just forget aboutDb|-----------------------------------| it and kep playing the Ab|-----------------------------------| Gb string open instead.Eb|-----------------------------------|
Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S S Q Q S S QEb|----------|--------------------------|Bb|-2/10-9---|--------10-10-10----------|Gb|--------9-|--------9--9--9---------9-|Db|----------|-9-7-7^-7--7--7--9-9/11---|Ab|----------|--------------------------|Eb|----------|--------------------------|
S S S S S S S S E E E E E E E E E S S E E E E E HEb|-5p0-7p0-9p5\4/5----------|-------------9-9/10-9-|-9-9-9-10----|Bb|-----------------/9\6\4\2-|-10-10-12-12----------|----------10-|Gb|--------------------------|-9--9--9--9-----------|----------9--|Db|--------------------------|----------------------|-------------|Ab|--------------------------|----------------------|-------------|Eb|--------------------------|----------------------|-------------|
Legend: H=Half, Q=Quarter, E=Eighth, S=Sixtenth h=hammer-on, p=pull-off, /=slide up, \=slide down, ^=bend
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