Say Anything - I Want To Know Your Plans chords version 2

Hey everybody. This is my first contribution to Ultimate Guitar, but I've
been transcribing songs for years. I normally take chords from this site and
fix them for my own personal use, but this time I thought I'd put my hard 
work to use.

This song in particular has some great tab already out there but I looked and
found no decent chords for it (my personal favorite medium for sheet music).
Here's my attempt. Should be pretty close. If you want the exact lines for
the guitar part check out some tabs on this site.

The chords here are semi tricky depending on your personal experience. I'm
posting up to 3 different versions of the chords. The first is the general
chord shape (i.e. standard Em7). The second is the alternate version - 
essentially as close as I could get to what the artist is actually playing.
The third is the simplified version for beginners (i.e. Gmaj7 ---> G).

This is a great song, hope everyone enjoys it!

"I Want To Know Your Plans" by Say Anything

Chords:               Alternate:             Simplified:
G:      (320022)
C:      (x32010)
Em:     (022000)
D:      (xx0232)
Gmaj7:  (3x443x)     (354xxx)                G
D7:     (x5757x)     (x2xxxx) then (x54xxxx) D
Am7:  (x02010)     (x055xx)                Am
   add4:(x02033)                             Am
Cmaj7/B:(x2545x)     (x255xx)                B5 (B power Chord)
Cmaj7:  (x3545x)     (x355xx)                C
   add9:(x3543x)     (x354xx)                C
Cadd9:  (x32033)                             C  
Em7:  (022033)                             Em
G/B:    (x20033)                             G

Intro: 	G C Em D x3
	G C Em(hold) D(hold)

Gmaj7 D7 Gmaj7 D7I want to know your plans
Gmaj7 D7 Gmaj7 D7 and how involved in them I am.
Gmaj7 D7 Gmaj7 D7 When I go to sleep for good
Am7 Dsuswill I be forgiven?
Am7 Cmaj7/B CAnd If you want roses
G C Gyou can go buy a bouquet.
Am7 Cmaj7/B C If that just won't cut it,
Em7 Gmaj7 Em7well what can I say?
Cadd9 Em7 G Am7You're what keeps me believing the world's not gone dead,
Cadd9 Em7 G Am7Strength in my bones put the words in my head.
Cadd9 Em7 G Cadd9When they pour out to paper, it's all for you.
G C Em D'Cause that's what you do.
G C Em DThat's what you do.
(same chords as verse 1) I want to know your fears from your feet to the back of your ears and when they raise the landing gear will your heart stay here? (same chords as pre-chorus 1) If you could forgive me for being so brash, well you... you could hit me or whip me I'd savor each lash. [Repeat Chorus]
Em Am7add4No more fighting.
G/B Cadd9 Gthis is only a waste of our time
Em Am7add9'cause soon we'll be leaving.
Cadd9 Cmaj7add9Will this strength still be mine?
[Intro Riff]
G C Em D G C Em DI'll look out for you 'til I die, 'til I rot.
G C Em D G C D CI'll remember you 'til I die, until I rot.
[Repeat Chorus] x2 [Intro Riff]
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