Say Anything - Tickle Me Red tab version 2

This is my first tab, so please be gentle. The last tab I saw, which is the only one, 
though it was accurate during the verses/choruses, I found a little confusing, so I 
decided to simplify it, with some slight modifications and with the lyrics. Enjoy!

Play for every verse line: x4e------------------------------|b------------------------------|g---6-6666-6-6666-6-6666-------|d---7-7777-7-7777-5-5555-6-6666|a---5-5555-5-5555-7-7777-x-xxxx|E---0-0000-0-0000-5-5555-7-7777|Now we're gettin' down early in the afternoon,we'd do a hundred sketchy things I swore I'd never get to do.There's a fire in your smile, let me watch for a while.Can't keep my eyes off your legs with that dress on you.
Verse: x4: Wake me up now. I need this so bad. All the drugs I could fit in my lungs, couldn't fuck me up half as hard as the other one.
Chorus: Play once for every line. x3e-----------------------------------|b-------5-------5--------5-------5--|g--------6-------6--------6-------6-|d------7-------7--------7-------7---|a---5-------5-------5--------5------|E-----------------------------------|I've been waiting all my life for,I've been waiting all my life for,I've been waiting all my life for this.
Then, after the third line:e------------------|---|b-------5-------5--|-5-|g--------6-------6-|-6-|d------7-------7---|-7-|a---5-------5------|-5-|E------------------|---| Waiting all my life for this.
Verse chords break: x2 Verse: x4 You make a blunt remark about my size, as we walk down sunset boulevard trading starry eyes. And the things that you say pierce the hide of L.A. Watch you giggle as it spits up bile to block your way, and I melt. (Sorry guys, I was never very good at solos, let alone tabbing them, I have no clue. Best advice is to play the verse chords along with the solo lyrics.) Verse: x4 As your top lip wrinkles, with lips so nimble, waks my ghost, queen of my former coast, you extend your arm to save me from its hungry mount. [Chorus with same lyrics]: x4
Palm-muted rythmn guitar: x2e-------------------------------|b-------------------------------|g---555555-555-666-555555555555-|d---555555-666-777-666666666666-|a---666666-777-555-777777777777-|E---777777-555-555-555555555555-|Then twice with the same chords/rythmn, without the palm mutes.(Sorry again, no solos :/)
Verse: x8 You tend to laugh with childish dignity, and you tend to pretend that you didn't always see, When I physically said, "you should choose me instead." My eyes stripped you bare right in front of me. But if you leave me, I'll always wait here. Born blunts put holes in our tongues. I wish to God I could've met you as a younger one. [Chorus with same lyrics]: x4 Well there you have it. I kinda came up with it on the spot, so no, not everything is tabbed (the solos) but I think the palm muted break is close.
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