Say Anything - Total Revenge chords version 1

Intro (tabbed by Kosh H)Intro:X2E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------4----4----4--------2----2----2---------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---4/6-----------------2/4------------------------------------------7-6---|A|---------2----2----2--------0----0----0------------2~--4--2--4--2---x-x---|E|----------------------------------------------2/4--0~--0--0--0--0---0-0---|
BWhen I like you,
Bmaj7 BIt's total revenge.
B Bmaj7 BI want to, but I can pretend,
B Bmaj7 B C#m EThat I don't need to be by your side again.
C#m EWrap me up,
B F#mIn a plastic case,
C#m EPat me down,
B F#mWith your warm embrace,
C#m EI wanna know
C#m C#7Where you lay your face at night,
EFor all these years.
Intro riff (one time)
B You're a problem,
Bmaj7 BThat I can't abide,
BI could sleep, well,
Bmaj7 BIf only I tried,
B Bmaj7 BBut I stay up and dream of a bride to be,
C#m EOh me, Oh my.
C#m EGive it up,
B F#mI can't wait no more.
C#m E I am stuck
B F#mOn your bedroom floor.
C#m EWith the thought,
B F#mThat I may not be,
C#7 BAs great as those who came before.
B F#m EThere's a man assigned to me,
B F#m EAnd he checks on my stability.
B F#m EWe discuss you every week.
B F#m EThen I rinse and rinse, repeat.
Emaj7 BBut maybe, I can show you,
F#m Emaj7Baby, Maybe,
B F#mI can relax for good,
Emaj7 BWhoa baby, I can show you,
F#m Emaj7 (let it ring) Maybe, Baby,
B F#m EThere's a man assigned to me,
B F#m EAnd he checks on my stability,
B F#m EWe discuss you every week,
B F#m EThen I rinse and rinse, repeat.
B F#m EAnd he charges by the tear,
B F#m ETil I weep no more strictly out of fear,
B F#m EThat I can't afford your love,
B F#m EAnd the moon just burns above.
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