Say Anything – Say Anything tab ver. 2

Say Anything by: Say Anything

Hey everyone I really liked this song so I sat down and tried to figure out

most of the parts. There are still some holes in the song I have not

figured out yet (i.e. the whole solo part) but this is what I have so far.

If you would like to add anything I am open to suggestions so either

comment or email me at: I am most likely going to

update this once I figure out the rest of it but this is what I have so far

so enjoy!

p.s. I am not going to tab the rhythm it is pretty straight forward...

intro/versese:-------------------|------------|B:--6----6----7--6---|--7-x-x-6---|G:--6----6----6--6--*|--6-x-x-6---|D:--x----x----4--4--*|--4-x-x-4---|A:--4----6-----------|------------|E:-------------------|------------| Repeat as needed --> Pre-chorus
e:------------------------------------------------------|B:---------------------------------------------14--13---|G:--6---8---10---13--x---13h15---------13---------------|D:--x---x----x---x---x----------15/16------15-----------|A:--4---6----8---11--x----------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------|Can not quite get the rest of this :/ please email me if you know itand I can change it
So there you go there is most of the song except for the second half of the solo for now. I will keep working on it tho.
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