Say Anything - Every Man Has A Molly tab

Whats happening, this is my version of the chord progression to Every Man Has a Molly.  
of my favorites off the album, hope ya like it.

The chord name should come right before the word its supposed to be above.

Verse 1:

Here I [A] am, laid [E] bare at the [Bm] end of my [F#m] rope

I've [Bm] lost all [F#m] hope so [E] long

Molly [A] Conelly [E] just broke [Bm] up with [F#m] me

Over [D] the revealing [E] nature of these [A] songs


You god damn kids had best be gracious with
The much money you spend
Cause for you, I won't ever have rough sex
With Molly Conelly again

Verse 3:

Here I am laid bare at the end of my life
Wishing I had not been born
Now I've screwed to much,
I can never shut it up, I though you should be warned

Verse 4:

And I am abliged by you take the needle to my eye
Suck down all its glow
Woah, Molly Conelly ruined my life
I thought the world should know


I [D] can't [A/C#] stop [Bm] thinking about [F#m] what you did wrong to me

[D] Cant [A/C#] figure [Bm] out just what I did [A/C#] wrong

[D] Kill [A/C#] myself [Bm] thinking about [F#m]things that you did to me

[D]  [A/C#] [Bm] Molly [A/C#] Conelly
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