Say Anything - Wow I Can Get Sexual Too tab

Well, no one else had a NORMAL tab for this song, so this is my attempt. If there's 
else I need to add, please let me know.
  ---Chou Yang

you can figure out the pattern this is played.

verse (keyboard)

"If iI die and.."|----------||-5-5------||-5-5------||-3-5------||----------||----------|just keep playing this until the chrous
Choruswhile the first part is playing, "I called her on the phone..."|-8---8---7---7---8---8---10---10------||---8---8---8---8---8---8----8----8----||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------| x2
verse "I'll be heading for electric chairs..."|----------||-5-5------||-5-5------||-3-5------||----------||----------|
and then when after he says "you're too young to be this empty girl" play:
|----------||----------||----------||-----3-3--||-3h5------||----------| then after he says "sick dark world" play:
chorus bridge "I don't know what I want"
along with|-8---8---8-7------------------------------------||---9---9-----8-10-8---10-8---10-8---10-8--------||--------------------9------9--------9-------9---||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------|repeat until end.
yeah it's pretty easy, this is probably close to correct, but I'm sure it's not 110%. yeah, you get the gist of it.
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