Say Anything - That Is Why You Should Rock My World tab version 1

This is how he plays it live in this video (, 
you can figure out how to play it when it's not 1/2 step down.

These are the names I'm giving the chords:

C - x3355x (sometimes he throws in x3356x)
C/C# - x355xx
G - 355433
G/C - 33355x
F - 133211
Fminor - 13311x
G#/B - 42xxxx
A - 5x55xx
A/G# - 4x55xx

C                                G
Today I sat and smoked myself to cancer
G                                C(throw in the variation here too)
Thinking about the dancer at the bar
F                 G              G#/B                 A
Well how was I to know that this crush would grow and grow
F                Fminor               G
Till it became a love eclipsing every star
(repeat all the chords and timing here)
And yes I know my addictions run the gamut
The smokes the booze the drugs the 24
But you have made the turkey colder as if I’m not bipolar
Let me list those things about you which I adore

C             C  C/C#
Beautiful you’re freckled slightly
C/C#   A
You’re laugh’s mighty
Expressive flexible not wound up tightly
    F           G
and that is why you should rock my world

(repeat verse)
I knew that you were taken when I met you
For years I’d sit and undress you from afar
But now your’e free to be
An open sore like me
I would like to know just where you hide those scars

Cause you curve right where you should when you’re a lady
But you’re slender sleek and somewhat sleepy head
Atypically emoting
I’m borderly requiting
Like I sell my soul to kneel between your thighs

Starry eyes your warm glancing
entrancing and you’re amused by my sick sad ranting
And that is why you should rock my world

xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-22222222-|3333-0000-3333-33333333-|5555-3333-1111-33333333-|I want you, you’re where I want to lay my headWon’t you, you’re where I want to lay my head(end that part with an open C x32010)
G#/B A Just to see if I become her(?) F G G#/B A And that is why you should rock my...that is why you should rock my F G That is why you should be my girl
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