Say Hi To Your Mom – Northwestern Girls tab

Song: Northwestern Girls
Band: Say Hi To Your Mom
Tuning: D A D G B e (DROP D)

My first Tab, so be patient with me ^_^ This is MY version of the song, and may not 
reflect the song itself. But it sounds right to me.

An acoustic guitar plays this throughout the whole song.


|------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------5-----5---------9-----9---------0-----0---------2-----2-----------| |--5-5---5-5---5-5-9-9---9-9---9-9-0-0---0-0---0-0-2-2---2-2---2-2-------|
After the guitar plays that twice over, this comes in on an keyboard of something (you play it on an electric guitar too). Listen to the rhythm on the song: RIFF ONE
|------7-10----7-10-----||-7h10------ 7----------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------|
That continues until the vocals start. There are loads or weird effects throughout, on a synth or keyboard, but i won't tab them. At the chorus I like to play single chords on the electric I use for the riff above (let ring), except on the last chorus where I play them at a faster pace:
Then at about 2:25 some strange sound starts that goes a bit like this: RIFF TWO
|-------------------||-------------------||--4-6-7-4-4-7-4-6--| x3|-------------------||-------------------||-------------------|
And that plays until the end, I think. Listen to the song for yourself to get the timing accuracy. That is essentially all you can play on guitar. To play it like the song, you'll need a and synth, although a good way to play it acoustically is to play the main riff for except the chorus, where I advice you to play the chords. Email me with any corrections, etc.
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