Say Hi To Your Mom - Yeah Im In Love With An Android chords

Her [F]kisses are [C]metallic and her [G]touch is firm but [F]cold.
And [F]I don't think she [C]sleeps at night,
but [G]plugs into the [F]wall.
And we [F]have a great [C]relationship,
based on [G]things that can't be [F]said.
And she [F]has a great [C]relationship with our [G]television [F]set.

And, [Am]yeah, I'm in [G]love with an [C]android, but so [F]what?
[Am]Stranger things have [G]happened,
stranger [C]things have been [F]loved.

The [F]neighbors are an [C]odd bunch and they're [G]too inquisi[F]tive.
They [F]don't like heavy [C]metal, or the [G]type she shacks up [F]with.
But I [F]swore I'm done with [C]humans and I [G]like to keep my [F]word.
And she [F]beeps for me [C]every time
it's [G]time to go water the [F]fern.

Chorus x2
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