Say Hi To Your Mom - They Write Books About This Sort Of Thing tab

Tabbed by: Aaron Wolfe

This is a good band, congrats to the person who tabbed Laundry for knowing
about that song. I'm almost positive about this tab, the only part I'm not
sure about is guitar 3's part, but it sounds about right, so it should be okay.
Anyways, enjoy!
-You can download this song for free at Check it out.

Tuning: Standard

Chords used       [EADGBe]
Gmaj7 (no 3rd)    [354xxx]
D/A               [554xxx]  
F# Octave W/ 4th? [254xxx]

Intro: Clean ElectricGmaj7 D/Ae|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|-----4-----------4---|x3A|---5-----5-----5-----|E|-3---------3-5-------|
end on:
Then repeat with Riff 2: (also clean electric)
Verse: Strum the above power chords (to make it easier for me to type, im going to use G, D, and F# instead of the actual chord names [see above]) G D G D Her pretty noises, can you turn them down? G D G D I think that I'm dying, do you want to go out? G D G D Because we can play some pac-man or go to the library G D G D We can order up some Phad-Thai (?) without the MSG Riff 2 (chorus) G D G And they write books about this sort of thing D G And they write books about this sort of thing D G Yeah they write books about this sort of thing Closed-caption heartbeats though five letters long I think she's gone to Nashville, she don't care for my songs And if my heart hadn't withered then perhaps I'd trek her down But I've got a lot to steer on so I guess I'll hang around riff 2 repeat chorus, then strum the F# chord for one measure solo riff: (the other chords are repeated throughout) (distorted guitar)
(it might be tremolo picked)e|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|-11------9------7------6------2------\7--6----2~|D|------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
*guitar 3 comes in here (See below)e|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|-11----12-11-9-----7------6------2------\7--6----2~|D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 3 (distorted)e|-14----------14-------------------|B|-----15------------15-------------|G|---------14--------------14~------|repeat until the distorted part endsD|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
End with the intro x1
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