Scapegoat Wax - Watching The Rain tab

hey this is the way I hear it, props to shadowboxin' for the majority of this tab. Dunno it's 100% the way Swax plays it but it sounds perfect.Intro------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|---------6-4------------|-------6-----7-6--------|--2-4-------------------|
Verse/Chorus/basically the whole song-------------------------------|---5-5-5-5--4------------------|---6-6-6-6--5------------------|---------------------6-4-------|-------------------6-----7-6---|---------------2-4-------------|
Bridge(classical guitar riff)-------4--6-7--6-7-6-----------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| (repeat several times)
Rapped Verse-------------------------------------|---5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--4----------------|---6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6--5----------------|----------------------------6-4------|--------------------------6-----7-6--|----------------------2-4------------|
Lyrics: [words in brackets] mean spoken (Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya) [Hello, hello, it's me again] (Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya) [You know since you've left, I've been watching you] Watching the rain, Pained, my face wet [my face wet] Watching the frame, As the picture slept, I told her I'd change, How could she forget, Now I'm watching her steps [So I'm...] CHORUS: Watching the rain, [Let the downpour begin], Watching the rain, [Standing out in the rain], Watching the rain, [She said that we could be friends], No love without pain.... My allies the night-light, Shining on me, [shines bright] The sun rises up, And brings my misery, [go away] I'm soaking up what It's seems you cleansed of me Now I'm watching you breathe.... The flames now a fire, Burning my chest, She made up her mind, And I made a mess, [I made a mess] She gave me goodbye, I give her my bless, [I give it all] I'm watching her steps [So I'm...] CHORUS [You know, I know at the time we didn't get along, And I know that we really never agreed on anything, But this is just too much, I've been out here for 10 days, Waiting for you to say something, To do something, please, Help me] RAP PART The rain is beating on your front porch, My main source of desperation is the memory torch, That I light in the middle of the pouring the storm, Rip my eyes out looking through the side of your house, And then I hide out, it's cold out Then i sweat til i believe the 3 degrees in the rain, I'm watching you breathe Hoping I might see your light through the glass and the fog, you think you moved on, but watching it all Watching the rain, [So get ready my dear], Watching the rain, ['Til the clouds disappear], Watching the rain, [Now I see its so clear], No love without pain, [I'm watching you] CHORUS [Now I'm watching again] (Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya) x 2 [I'll be watching you] (Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya) [I'll be here waiting for you] Thanks -TabGuy
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