Scapegoat Wax - Crawlin tab

Artist: Scapegoat Wax
Song: Crawlin'

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

Tabbed by: J-Ron

I looked all over the internet for tabs to this song because I love it but there were
to hoping I'm not the only SW fan out there...even if they were short lived their music
rocks. ~NOTE: All notes are in relative to the capo, obviously.

                                 ***Capo 3***

There are four chords used in this song. Just listen to it to get the strumming rhythm.

C: x32010 Am7:x20010  Am:x02210  F:x33210

C                            Am7
Things are different on my block
Am7                          Am
I don't know if you heard about,
how these folks are living
and I can't help you out.
C                            Am7
It seemed to be your fault again.
Am7                              Am
What you said got you running 'round
The demon entered your enemies,
you'll pay when you slow down.

C        Am7
ooh ooh
Am7         Am
I feel for you.
Am            F
So take your time.
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