Scarlett Ohara - Lost In Existence tab

listen to it at,

It a pretty simple song just listen for paterns with all the palm muted stuff its 
really easy i promise this is my first tab so sorry for some mistakes or anything 
wrong with it have fun with Scarlett o'hara's song lost in Existence off their 
debut album Lost in Existence tuning C#

Intro/ Chorus

|------------------------------||------------------------------||-10---------------------------||-8--x16---8--x16--------------| X4.5|-10-------10------------------||------------------------------|
Verse 1 basically a breakdown just listen for the patern
|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------| X alot just listen for it|--------------------------------------||--00-00-00-00-00-00-00~-0~------------||--00-00-00-00-00-00-00~-0~------------| .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
part after verse not 100% sure but its close i think
|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------||-5-0-8-0-------------------| x good amount just listen for it|-5-0-8-0-------------------||-5-0-8-0-------------------|
Intro/Chorus Verse 2 its basically just another break down thing with an actual break down it it ha a breakdown!!! good though its all open palmuted but listen for the beat and if thaey let it ring or silence it its back and forth
|---------||---------||---------||---------||-0-0~----||-0-0~----| . .songs over, not!!!
it goes into this
|---13------15------11------12--------13----||-11--x4--11-x2--11---x2--11---x2--11----x2-||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------| X a good amount jst lstn srry|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------|
then it the first part of the first verse again till END sorry ill fix some stuff when i can figure it out until then have fun with this!!!!!!
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