Scars On Broadway - Chemicals tab

I've never done this before but i figured i would put out what i figured out... Good band!

This part sounds pretty close and i'm sure you can figure out how many times to play itD -------------------------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------------------------|F -------------------------------------------------------------|C -5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0--2-55-2-88-|G -5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0--2-55-2-88-|C -5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0--2-55-2-88-|
This part comes after the first slow part... I didn't tab the slow part, didn't have time to figure it out so i just put the power chordsD -------------------------------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------------------------------|F -------------------------------------------------------------------|C -5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0---8-5-3-5--3-5-3---8-5-3-5--3-5-3-|G -5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0---8-5-3-5--3-5-3---8-5-3-5--3-5-3-|C -5-2-0-2--0-2-0---5-2-0-2--0-2-0---8-5-3-5--3-5-3---8-5-3-5--3-5-3-|
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