Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Goes Without Saying tab

Song: Goes Without Saying
Artist: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Album: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Tabber: Mackenzie

Simple yet great song. I found myself wanting to play it, so I tabbed it myself.
It sounds right to me.


Small rest hereÖe|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------2-----|D|----------0-----0------0----------------3------|A|-------2-------2------2------2-----0-----------|E|--0---3-3-----3------3------3---3-1-1----------|
Then repeat a couple times Play intro with VERSE ONE: We both know you want it, come and get it, What you waiting for? Now youíre scared of what your seeing, Only seen it in your dreams before. ĎCause when you least expect it, It will take you, take you by surprise. So take advantage, take it all, Take it all before the moment dies. CHORUS: Dm F It goes without saying, itís already known Am Itís written all over you. Dm F It goes without saying, donít let it go Am G Just keep it inside of you. Dm F (ring out) It goes without sayingÖ Play intro with VERSE TWO: Now that youíve got it in, Itís slipping through your fingertips. You gave and let go; Now itís missing from your life again. So now youíre tearing up the walls, Make a mess, try to dig it up. Well now itís all too late, youíll never find it And the momentís dead, the momentís dead. CHORUS Dm F It goes without saying, it's already gone. Am It's written all over you. Dm F It goes without saying, you let it go, Am G There's nothing inside of you. Dm F (ring out) It goes without saying... Instrumental part (just play these chords in order, fill it in) Dm, F, Am, Am, Dm, F, Am, G, Dm, F, Am We know you want it, What are you waiting for? Take it all and the moment dies. OUTRO (repeat the entire part) Dm, F, Am, G Dm Am (ring out) It goes without sayingÖ
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