School Of Fish – Take Me Anywhere tab

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From: (andy)
Subject: CRD: Take Me Anywhere by School of Fish

Nobody requested it but if anybody cares, it is a great song by a very cool band

Intro: (play as 2nd position barre chords--i.e. F = G--10----| D--10----| A---8----| E---x--
F D GFDC GFDC GFDC (second guitar chimes in on F) Verse: all barre chords G A F C F Scenes move by, days drag on I'm only killing time Boundaries, fences, and illicit instructions obstructing what is mine You remember, you were there and I was there myself Do you know do you care? Is it just a memory? Chorus: E D F C F And I can't stop what I can't see. Take me anywhere back to intro then verse Takes to long to see a change that's different than before So take me in or leave me cold I'm not waiting any longer And I got a head full of something that's more than I could dare, than what I wanted to. And I could try to convince me my heart can escape from what it has begun Chorus I can't stop what I can't see, take me anywhere And I can't stay where I can't sleep Take me anywhere bridge: G CF CG CF(2nd position) X2 Chorus intro part G into the part at the end which is G F C I got a hold on you I can't let go of you (something) hold on you There's nothing that I can do questions/comments/corrections/ OTHER SCHOOL OF FISH TABS (anything from either album): andy
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