School Of Rock - Baby We Were Making Strainght As tab

This is the proper way to play it ok!E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-77788-10-8788887788-77788-10-8788887788-77788-10-8788887788---------------|G-77777--7-7777777777-77777--7-7777777777-77777--7-7777777777---------------|D-----------------------------------------0-let-ring------------------------|A-----------------------------------------0-let-ring------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-77788-10-87888877887--77788-10-8788887788-77788-10-8788887788--------------|G-77777--7-77777777777--77777--7-7777777777-77777--7-7777777777--------------|D-0-let-ring------------0--0-----0----------0--0-----0-----------------------|A-0-let ring------------0--0-----0----------0--0-----0-----------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D Csus Baby we was making straight A's, G Csus But we were stuck in a dumb daze. D Csus Donít take much to memorize your lies. G Csus I feel like I've been hypnotisized. D Csus And then that magic man; he come to town. G Whoo wee! Csus He done spun my head around. D He said, "Recess is in session. Csus Two and two make five." G...HOLD IT. And now baby, oh, Iím alive. Oh yeah! Iím alive (Chorus:) D E And if you wanna be the teacher's pet, G D Well baby you just better forget it. E Rock got no reason. Rock got no rhyme. G G G G G G G G G You better get me to school on time. (GIRL SINGING DONT PLAY) Oh you know I was on an honor roll. Got good grades and got no soul. Raised my hand before I could speak my mind. I been biting my tongue too many times. And then that magic man said to obeyÖ..uh-huh "Do what magic man do, not what magic man say." Now can I please have the attention of the class. Today's assignment... a hem... kick some ass! (Chorus x 2) D E G turn guitar volume down D Csus This is my final exam. G Csus Now you all know who I am . D Csus I might not be that perfect son. G Csus But ya'll be rockin' when I'm done solo! hope you like it
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