Schuyler Fisk - Fall Apart Today tab

The version I have here IS NOT 100% accurate and as you've probably already figured out,
been close to impossible to find a good video of her playing this song to get it
right, but this version does sound nice to play and sing along with.  It should work 
someone comes out with a 100% correct version.  :-)

Basic finger-picking:

This is just a pretty, finger-picking rhythm pattern to sustain as a nice backdrop to
over.  If you listen to her song, it sounds like she has another finger-picking pattern
chords but striking notes on the first strings...however it doesn't work well alone to 
with - I think she has a 2nd guitarist playing with her on this song).  This version is
for those playing alone.

I'm not sure about the bridge, but in some live versions, they skip the bridge
and play a guitar solo instead.  Play the bridge similar to finger-picking riff used on chorus

Capo 3 (or whatever suits your vocal range - I like it on 2)

[G] [G] [Cadd9] [Cadd9]--------------|---------------|--------------|---------------|--3--------------3---------------3--------------3------------|-----0---0----------0---0-----------0---0----------0---0-----|-------0--------------0---0-----------2--------------2---0---|-----------------2---------------3--------------3------------|--3-----------|---------------|--------------|---------------|
Intro: G, Cadd9, G, Cadd9 (verse starts on Cadd9) Verse: [Cadd9] [G] I don't want us to fall apart today or ever [Cadd9] [G] You're the one who said you'd never leave [Cadd9] There's no good reason for giving up [G] And all this mess is just bad luck [Cadd9] [G] Please don't lose your confidence in me Pre chorus: [Am] [Em] I wish I wasn't so fragile [Am] [C] Cause I know that I'm not easy to handle Chorus: [G] Baby please [Cadd9] Don't forget you love me [G] [Cadd9] Don't forget you love me today [G] Baby please [Cadd9] Don't forget you love me [G] [Cadd9] Don't forget you love me today Verse 2: [Cadd9] [G] I don't want to feel like this [Cadd] But I'm so tired of missing you [Cadd9] [G] I don't want to beg for your time [Cadd9] [G] I want you mine all mine Bridge: [Am] [Em] I'll bet you smile when you think of me [Am] You love me messy in the morning [Em] Freckles on my knees oh baby [Am] [Cm6] Pleeeeee-eeease Back to prechorus then to chorus. After you get the basic riff down, it's pretty easy. You play the same pattern of the for the bridge, as well, but the bass note doesn't start on the 6th string like it does the G, it is played on the 5th. Sorry if this isn't that great. It's my first tab and I know it's not exactly the same the song, but it's workable enough to sing with. Good luck!
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