Scorpions – Send Me An Angel tab ver. 2


From Thu May  8 10:12:49 1997
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:24:19 +0200
From: elev 
Subject: TAB: send me an angel, by Scorpions

Uppsala  07:24 1997-01-10

                 SEND ME AN ANGEL


INTRO (and verses):
(the actual timing I know nothing about (goes for the whole tab). listen to the record to get the hang of it (Oh,where did I see that quote before:-) )) CHORUS (and outro): (Powerchords used in the 2nd & 3rd chorus)
F5 (x,8,10,10,x,x) Eb5 (x688xx)-------------------------------------------------------------------------9--------------------------8--------------------10-------------10------------8-----------8----------10------10-----10------10-----8-----8-----8-----8----8-----------------------------6-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
C5 (x355xx) (x466xx)-->C#5 Eb5 (x688xx)--------------------------------------------------------------------4-----------------------------------------------5-----------5-----------6-----------8--------------5-----5-----5-----5-----6-----6-----8-----8--------3-----------------------4-----------6---------------------------------------------------------------------
F5 Eb5-------------------------------------------------------------------------9--------------------------8--------------------10-------------10------------8-----------8----------10------10-----10------10-----8-----8-----8-----8----8-----------------------------6-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
C5 C#5 Eb5--------------------------------------------------------------------4-----------------------------------------------5-----------5-----------6-----------8--------------5-----5-----5-----5-----6-----6-----8-----8--------3-----------------------4-----------6-----------8*-------------------------------------------------------
When the last note (marked "*") is played the verse riff starts over again (witch means you'll have to have a friend tooling along on a second guitar, or, if you live nearby a neuclear plant, you might be able to play two guitars at once :-).) In the outro, just skip the marked (*) note and start from the top. SOLO (can you tab it better? U know where to find me...) :
Chords and Tab above the lyrics for another guitar [say Guitar II :-)] (Intro) VERSE I: The wise man said: "just walk this way Eb5 (Fretting, low to high: x688xx) To the dawn of the light The wind will blow into your face As the years pass you by Eb5 Hear this voice from deep inside It's the call of your heart Eb5 Close your eyes and you will find A passage out of the dark" CHORUS: Here I am will you send me an angel (here I am) G----------/10--- Here I am in the land of the morning star (here I am) VERSE II: The wise man said: "Just find your place G------9b10------- In the eye of the storm F5 (x,8,10,10,x,x) Seek the roses along the way Just beware of the thorns" CHORUS: (Powerchords above "chorus"-Tab played by Guitar II) (Guitar I as in 1st chorus) Here I am will you send me an angel (here I am) (solo starting here) Here I am in the land of the morning staaa aaa aa aa aa aar (here I am) (Solo) VERSE III: The wise man said: "Just raise yor hand And reach out for the spell G---8--6--3(1/4 bend)--6--8--
Find the door to the promised landJust believe in yourselfHear this voice from deep insideIt's the call of your heartClose your eyes and you will find G---8h11h13b14--11p8--The way out of the dark"
CHORUS: (Powerchords above "chorus"-Tab played by Guitar II) (Guitar I as in 1st chorus) Here I am will you send me an angel (here I am) Here I am in the land of the morning star (here I am) (Outro) (sorry, have to figure that one out for yourself. There's no such thing as a free lunch... :-). ) (perhaps I'll have a go at it later if noone else helps me out) (Any mistakes?, are the lyrics off?(They aren't really mine anyway), Ooops! Let me know and I'll see what I can do :-) ) Does it look a bit blurry? Figure it out for yourself, it's not really that hard. No guarantee for the accuracy. Petter ...Be Quick Or Be Dead! (Iron Maiden)
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